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It’s not always easy to contemplate what will happen to your property in the event of your incapacity or death. If you put your affairs in order, however, you will know that your loved ones will have a bit more certainty during a difficult time. Having the chance to answer these questions while you are healthy gives you the peace of mind that you have complete control over how decisions will be made about your estate.


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A will is essential to answer the most important questions about what should happen to your property, assets and children when you die:

• Who will be in charge of carrying out your wishes?

• What will they be distributing to whom?

Comprehensive estate planning covers important questions that might arise during your life:
• Who will make medical decisions on your behalf?
• Who can make financial or property decisions on your behalf?
• Who will take care of your children?


LGBT-Friendly Family Law Attorney Christine Andresen Knows the Specific Legal Issues Same-Sex Couples in Texas Face… And How to Overcome Them

CHA Law Group welcomes Central Texas LGBT individuals, couples, and families—we will help you to establish legal protections and documents, like wills, advanced medical directives, and power of attorney, that apply to each individual situation. Christine knows the extra questions to ask same-sex couples taking care of these documents, which are particularly crucial in a state like Texas. (Check out LGBT/Queer for other same-sex couple related legal services the CHA Law Group offers.) Don't worry, non-LGBT folks, she also knows how to do straight people wills.

Estate planning and writing a will are the type of tasks people often put off. That’s why it’s helpful to have a seasoned professional like Austin-based family law attorney Christine Andresen take you through all of the will writing and estate planning steps, making the hard parts easier and the easy parts a breeze. Of course you’ll still have to make all of the decisions, but she’ll guide you through the process and help you think through common stumbling blocks.

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What are people saying about Christine?

Ms. Andresen is an outstanding attorney! We were so pleased with her guidance, and the attention and professionalism she provided in our case. If you are looking for one of the best attorneys in Austin, please contact this attorney. Kathleen
Estate Law Tips from Christene "Even if you are married, a will and estate planning package is the best way to ensure that the State of Texas, hospitals, funeral homes, etc. actually respects your wishes on what you want, and who you want making decisions for you if you cannot explain your wishes." Read More

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