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Christine Henry Andresen represents clients in legal matters related to reproductive law in Texas. Reproductive law is also known as surrogacy law, gestational law, or ART law (assisted reproductive technology law).

Christine is a Fellow of the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys, one of only nine AAARTA Fellows in the state of Texas. She has given talks and trainings about ART law for the University of Texas at Austin and for the Travis County Judges and Staff Attorneys.



What are people saying about Christine?

Christine walked me step by step through each piece of the contract in great detail (and even was willing to chat with me after I put my own children to bed)! She knew which questions to ask me to make me think about certain scenarios that could come up (ones that I would have never even dreamed of). She is very down to earth and easy to talk with.... not "stiff" and "up tight". I highly recommend her to gestational surrogates! Lindsay F.
Family Law Tips from Christene "If you and the other parties make any informal agreements before the lawyers get involved, and these informal agreements matter to you, make sure that these terms show up in the final formal agreement." Read More

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