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Family Law in Texas: Divorce, Child Custody, CPS, SAPCR and Paternity 

Our clients often seek us out during the most stressful times of their lives. Most of us are used to having private lives where we can make our own decisions about what happens without ever needing to hire an attorney or enter a courtroom. Divorce and child custody issues can bring laws and lawyers into our homes when our need for privacy and stability is very high. At Austin-based CHA Law Group, family lawyer Christine Andresen and her friendly, compassionate staff strive to make family law matters as stress-free as possible. We will explain everything we know about the type of case you have, and present you with all of your legal options. And, we will do it in real human language, not legal-ese. We might even make you smile once or twice.


Family law covers everything from Divorce to Child Custody to Paternity to CPS cases to Grandparents’ Rights to Reproductive Law. At CHA Law Group in Austin, Texas, we handle every law matter that comes under the family law umbrella. We welcome both traditional and non-traditional families. (LGBT folks and same-sex couples will find LGBT-specific topics, in our LGBT / Queer section. There are also separate pages for Reproductive Law and Wills.)


Please contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your situation. If there’s a legal remedy for your family law issue, we will find it and fight for you.

Areas of Family Law

What are people saying about Christine?

To quote my ex-husband, ‘You have gotten the most ridiculously generous divorce settlement in history’. Christine was a great support and advocate during my divorce. Dennis J.
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