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At CHA Law Group, we get it: You’re innocent. Or maybe you’re not completely innocent, but police have blown the situation way out of proportion. Perhaps you got caught. Regardless of your circumstances, don’t make another mistake; instead, hire CHA Law Group.

We have the resources, staff, experience, and know-how to resolve your criminal case as quickly and favorably as possible. Our resident criminal defense attorney—Scott A. Thompson—is a former Texas criminal prosecutor and an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Our ultimate goal is always to get your case dismissed, significantly reduce charges, or get you a Not Guilty verdict at trial. In most cases, our initial approach involves lawyer-to-lawyer negotiations, in which we show prosecutors that they are wrong about what really happened in your case. When negotiations fail, a courtroom fight may be needed to protect your rights. Whatever the situation, CHA Law Group’s Senior Associate Scott A. Thompson has an excellent record of success in the courtroom.

If you find yourself charged with a crime in the Austin area—including Travis County, Williamson County, or Hays County—we are here to help. We understand how stressful it can be. That’s why we take care of our clients—always. The CHA Law Group has your back.

Scott handles every type of criminal case, and you can contact us for any misdemeanor or felony. Contact us to get started.



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Christine walked me step by step through each piece of the contract in great detail (and even was willing to chat with me after I put my own children to bed)! She knew which questions to ask me to make me think about certain scenarios that could come up (ones that I would have never even dreamed of). She is very down to earth and easy to talk with.... not "stiff" and "up tight". I highly recommend her to gestational surrogates! Lindsay F.
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