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Feb 22, 2017 | Divorce
Who Gets the Family Oil and Gas Money in a Divorce? When there is a divorce and multi-generational oil and gas land is involved, the entire family (not just the divorcing couple) may be concerned about how divorce will affect the family mineral interest. Read More
Jun 09, 2016 | Divorce
How To Not Be A Jerk To Your Children While Going Through A Divorce So what does it look like to not be a jerk to your children while going through a divorce? Distill it to this: what do your children need to keep them safe, secure, and feeling loved? That is it, that’s the list. Read More
Why Single Parents Need Wills and Estate Plans Maybe you are recently divorced or maybe being a single mom or dad is old hat. Either way, have you thought about what would happen to your kids if you were to get hit by a car? (Sorry, we do lots of hypothetical car crashes when we talk about wills and estate planning.) Read More
Jul 08, 2015 | LGBT Divorce
So...Are You Married? Are same-sex common-law marriages now recognized in Texas? Read More
Family Planning Post Marriage Equality Equality in marriage brings with it new questions and concerns regarding how to make the best decisions for all families. Just a quick reminder—marriage does not equal parentage! Read More

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